NOVARESE Inc. An unforgettable graceful wedding

Approval & Awards

  • Ranking

    Popular Company Ranking for New Graduates 2014
    (by Nikkei Business and Rakuten Job Hunting Diary)
    Total No.62
    Favorite CEO and corporate vision No.1
    Good impression by recruitment staff No.1

  • Approval

    2013 Approved as a「Child-raising Supporting Company」by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
    2015 Selection as a FY2014 Nadeshiko Brand
  • Corporate Awards

    2007 Japan Venture Awards, The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Head Prize for Entrepreneurship
    2009 Forbes Asia, Best Under A Billion Award
    2010 Forbes Asia, Best Under A Billion Award
    2010 Joined as a community member of World Economic Forum「Global Growth Companies」
    2012 11th National Company Newsletter Competition, Awards in 4 categories
    2013 2013 12th National Company Newsletter Competition, Golden Award
  • Architectural Award

    2004 Best Store Of The Year 100 Aoi Molith
    2006 Good Lighting Award, Hokuriku Area Head Award Amandan Villa
    2008 IES Illumination Award Kitayama Monolith
    2009 17th Best Store Of The Year Takasaki Monolith
    2009 IES Illumination Award Takasaki Monolith
    2010 18th Best Store Of The Year Himeji Monolith
    2010 JCD Design Award 100 Himeji Monolith
    2010 12th Hiroshima Urban Development Design Award Mitakisou
    2011 20th BELCA Award (Long Life Category) Ashiya Monolith
    2011 Designated as a Hyogo Prefectural Significant Building for Landscape Ashiya Monolith
    2011 IES Illumination Award Himeji Monolith
    2011 IES Illumination Award Niigata Monolith
    2012 Energy-saving Lighting Design Award Takasaki Monolith
    2012 Energy-saving Lighting Design Award Niigata Monolith
    2012 Japan Association on Odor Environment AwardKyusakuranomiya Kokaido
    (hosted by Ministry of the Environment)
    Kyusakuranomiya Kokaido
    2013 Won 20th Space Design Competition Kyusakuranomiya Kokaido
    2013 23rd AACA Award James Tei
    2014 3rd InteriorPlanning Award 2014 Kyusakuranomiya Kokaido
    2014 13th Architecture and Society Award James Tei
    2014 Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Associations Award of Excellence Kyusakuranomiya Kokaido
    2014 34th Osaka city architecture view award Kyusakuranomiya Kokaido
    2014 Good design​awards Kyusakuranomiya Kokaido